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From Skipper to Captain

Skippering a boat is a challenge to be proud of. Yet sometimes it’s not enough. When you’re sailing with those beyond yourself, your spouse, and perhaps some close—forgiving—friends, you need to think like a captain.

(“skipper” shares the same root as “ship”, while captain comes from the Latin words for “chief”, “head”, and “leader”)

Stefan can help you with:

Spin Doctor

Whether for cruising or racing, Spinnakers are indispensable to downwind progress, especially for less than heavy winds. Yet they intimidate many.

Jibes require communication and coordination between skipper and trimmer and others. Douses are trickier still.

Stefan, though his mother taught him sailing basics before he learned to ride a bike, only really learned to trim spinnaker in the past decade—and knows how to teach other adults. That’s the single biggest part of his professional coaching, teaching, and training work. Plus, he’s the (principle) spinnaker trimmer on most boats he races.

Boat Buyer’s Remorse Management

Most disappointing boat purchases stem NOT from the boat (mechanical problems, shoddy construction, unseen damage etc.) but are about the buyer.

The wrong type of boat is bought for the wrong reasons, with inaccurate assumptions. Buyers confuse what they (think they) want with what they actually like.

Common causes include:

Self mis-assessment: they may overate their own abilities—or conversely, not foresee how they’ll quickly outgrow their boat

…or similarly misevaluate their family and friends’ ability, desires, habits, and motivations.