Stefan Bielski currently coaches freelance, for J/World Annapolis, and Baltimore’s Downtown Sailing Center. He began teaching 30 years ago at USA’s first commercial sailing school for adults. He soon began bringing the gifts of sailing to the disabled, ESL learners, and the neurodivergent.

Though his sailing experience spans the four continents he’s lived and worked in, some landlocked living led to holes in his sailing resume. These he plugged by mixing curiosity, humility, prudence, resourcefulness, and a commitment to lifelong learning, especially by teaching.

Recently coaching keelboat club members in a season of 80-boat Wednesday night races, Stefan also leverages multiple off-the-water coaching and teaching methods. This includes over 20 years as a business & career coach/consultant, working for Tony Robbins, a small partnership as well as independently. He taught writing and entrepreneurship at US and European universities—plus taught engineers, lawyers and artists. So, he speaks the languages of many professions. He leans on this, both in his blog series and while introducing intermediate students to performance sailing.

The recently certified American Sailing Association instructor (through 204: Bareboat Cruising) is spending his third consecutive winter + spring in La Cruz. Having totaled over seven years living in Mexico, & a dozen in Latin America, Stefan has (rusted) Spanish fluency.

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